Eastland Energy, a long-time Ohio oil producer, to form the Eastland Energy Utica Group (EEUG), which covers Coshocton//Muskingum Counties.Eastland Energy operates out of Cambridge, Ohio, and has been in business in that area for over 25 years. Eastland will handle the day-to-day communication and logistical work with landowners. We know what oil & gas operators are looking for when they lease, because we have worked inside these companies. In addition, Eastland Energy are Ohio company. This is in contrast to the multitude of lease-flippers, attorney groups, or other profiteers from outside the state. 

We are limiting the size of the EEUG to 25,000 acres, so interested landowners should not delay. We are seeking individual tracts of at least 20 acres. If your tract is larger than 20 acres, and you would like to join our group, check out our landowner'sgroup agreement here.   Then either email 
eastlandenergygroup@gmail.com  or 
mail it to: Eastland Energy, P.O. Box 1076, Cambridge, Ohio, 43725. 

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